Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating journey into the realm of gene and genome regulation? We’re searching for bright, ambitious, and motivated individuals who are eager to tackle the fundamental challenges that lie at the heart of genetic science. While prior computational experience is not mandatory, a keen interest in exploring genome-wide data is an absolute must.

Our laboratory is a dynamic fusion of computational and experimental expertise, where we take on projects that span the spectrum from pure computation to hands-on experimentation. Whether we’re conducting experiments ourselves or collaborating with other experts, we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of genetic knowledge.

Are you a postdoctoral researcher with a burning passion for discovery? We’re eager to hear from you! Join our enthusiastic team by reaching out to Juanma Vaquerizas at ( to explore the exciting opportunities we have available.

If you’re aspiring to pursue a PhD with us, visit the MRC-LMS pages to discover deadlines and application procedures. The next application round is set to open around end of summer 2023.