This is a list of alumni from the group:

Virginie Tissières (Postdoctoral fellow; now Lab Manager @ University of Bern, CH)
Noelia Díaz (Postdoctoral fellow; now Severo Ochoa Fellow @ Institute of Marine Sciences, ES)
Sara Cruz-Molina (Postdoctoral fellow; now Researcher @ Miltenyi Biotec, DE)
Kai Kruse (Postdoctoral fellow; now Head of Bioinformatics@ MPI Muenster, DE)
Diego Rodríguez Terrones (Joint PhD student with the Torres-Padilla lab; now postdoc @ IMP, AT)
Silvia Galan (EMBO Visiting PhD student; now PhD student @ CRG-CNAG, ES)
Clemens Hug (IMPRS PhD student; now postdoc @ Harvard Medical School, US)
Rocio Enriquez-Gasca (IMPRS PhD student; now postdoc @ University College London, UK)
Nick Machnik (MSc student; now PhD student @ IST, Austria)
Denghui Liu (Visiting PhD student; now PhD student @ CAS, China)
Mar Muñiz (Master student; now PhD student @ IGBMC, France)
Amit Singh (Postdoctoral fellow – joint with the Adams Department; now back @ India)
Sarah Rinke (Research student; now PhD student @ UKM – Muenster, Germany)
Benjamin Hernández-Rodríguez (Research student; now ZENCODE-ITN Marie Curie Fellow @ MPI Muenster)
Anna-Wiebke Meyer (Research assistant;  now student @ WWU Muenster, Germany)
Vera Minneker (Master project intern; now PhD student @ IMB Mainz, Germany)
Marcela de Souza (Visiting PhD student; now PhD student @ Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil)
Divyanshi Srivastava (Master student; now PhD student @ Penn State University, US)
Helena Reyes (Research student; now student @ UNAM, Mexico)
Mayar Fayez (Summer intern; now student @ German University in Cairo, Egypt)
Maria Siegling (Research assistant; now taking a parenting career break @ Lipstat, Germany)